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El Conquistador

It is public information that "El Conquistador" is the mascot of the Fraternity and, as a term, used to refer to a pledge of Lambda Theta Phi. Founding Father Agustin Garcia suggested the "Conquistador" be the mascot of the Fraternity in 1978 before Founding Father Wilfredo Ayes included the term "Conquistador" into the Lambda Induction Process. 

Over the years, the Fraternity has been questioned and criticized for selecting the Conquistador as a symbol to represent the organization. Much of the criticism has risen due to the negative connotations that accompany the term. History books depict the Conquistadores as having committed various acts of genocide against the indigenous populations of Mesoamerica. Why, then, would the Fraternity choose the Conquistador as its symbol?

Rather than focus on the notorious historical connotation of the Conquistador, our Founder Fathers concentrated on the meaning of the term and how it would represent each and every Brother. Translated, Conquistador means "Conquerer" or "one who conquers/overcomes barriers." Founding Fathers saw this term as the most fitting descriptor considering the political landscape at the time, when Latinos were a largely disenfranchised community with barriers and limitations which Brothers sought to conquer and to overcome.